Product Care

All Tin Marin products are all handmade and assembled separately, meaning each piece is unique and variances may occur.  

Due to the nature of the material, the woven bags usually require some wear after receiving them to recover their original shape.  

Cleaning Your Woven Bag

To clean your Tin Marin woven bags use a soft cloth with water on the plastic body only and allow it dry naturally. 

If you wish to do a deep clean on your super totes after a beach day or a trip to the farmer's market you can hose your bag down and allow to dry naturally.

Signs of Wear & Tear 

In this video we show you how to best care for your Tin Marin Woven bags and fix any minor imperfections your bag may have from wear and tear. 


If you need help or have any further questions regarding your bag please feel free to reach out to