Visiting Napa Valley

Nothing like a little unwinding in the wine country, after all who doesn't love wine and wanderlust escapes to beautiful places. 

If this is your kind of weekend plans then you're going to love what we have for you today. We've gathered some of our favorite and most informative posts by fellow travel bloggers to help you plan your next trip to Napa Valley. 


The Ultimate Guide to Downtown Napa by Seven Day Weekender: Lindsey wrote a great post uncorking the uncorking the other side of visiting the Wine Country. Her post is a great guide for what to do when you're not visiting the vineyards. From brunch spots, to the tasting rooms and the cute dinner places she's got the whole itinerary covered for you. 

9 Vineyards to Visit on Your Next Trip to Napa by A Passion & A Passport: Jess gives you some of our favorite Vineyards to visit while you're in town. From hilltop vineyards with aerial tram rides, to castles and gorgeous estates. You'll want to stay in all these picturesque places forever. 

Visiting Napa on a Budget by Catheryn Grivna: Catheryn has an excellent post where she gives you all the tips and tricks to where to wine, dine and stay in Napa, Sonoma and surrounding areas. We love the awesome and detail oriented tips she writes about. 

Best Napa Valley Wineries by This Wanderlust Heart: Another great post with different wineries to try. Johanna has some great tips for first time visitors as well as new places for those looking to try something different than their first time. Check it out! 

Do you have any more tips or recommendations that you wish to submit? Tell us in the comments below. 

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