DIY Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

We love all things handmade and we thought you would like this tutorial for a woven friendship bracelet that is sure to be your favorite accessory this Summer.


It's a little more complex than the average friendship bracelet, which is why we made an IGTV tutorial to follow along. 

For the bracelet, you're going to need: yarn, a notebook or magazine, and a binder clip. You can also do this with embroidery floss, but we chose to make it with yarn which makes it a bolder bracelet and harder to mess up when making it. 

That being said, here's what you need to do before starting the IGTV follow along.

Choose 4 colors of yarn, one of them will be the middle diamond you see in the picture, choose what color you would like there, and only cut two pieces of that color. 

• Color 1 (Blue on the left side): 4 strings of 48in each

• Color 2 (pink on the right side): strings of 48in each

• Color 3 (mint crosses left and right): strings of 48in each

• Color 4 (light blue): 2 strings of 48in each

When you've placed your strings in order, see picture above, click the link below to follow along on the IGTV tutorial.  

Click here to see the Full Tutorial 

Once you finish tag us @tinmarinbrand on your stories or posts to show us your bracelets!


We hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Till Next Time, 

-Tin Marin Team




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